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If you’re looking for emergency preparedness supplies, then Car Fire Extinguishers UK is the right place for you. We stock a wide range of emergency and survival kits including our range of products. For those who wish to assemble their own emergency kit or grab bag, we have hundreds of products to choose from. We are passionate about emergency preparedness so we test every item we supply to guarantee customer satisfaction. We strive to find the lowest cost items for you but will never compromise on quality. If we stock it – You can depend on it in an emergency.


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We are a specialist emergency preparedness supplier based in Acton, West London. We operate a sustainable business, fully embracing the belief that ethics and profits can coexist. While we aim to keep our workplace fun and challenging, we always strive for efficiency. We take pride that we are socially invested; a substantial component of our mission is to raise awareness and capacities for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.

In addition to our standard emergency kits, we offer a competitive premium service. We can customise our existing kits to your specification or create new emergency packs to your exact requirements. So, whether you require a standard emergency kit or a customised solution, our aim is to provide you with quality equipment that you can depend on in any emergency.


We supply standard and custom-made Safety and Emergency Kits to local government, NHS, business, organizations, private customers nationally and internationally. This includes Car Safety Kits, Vehicle Emergency Kits, Car Breakdown Tools and Car Fire Safety products to address road safety above and beyond regular health and safety recommendations.

Car-Fire-Extinguisher.co.uk is the UK’s emergency preparedness specialist to raise awareness for preparedness and provide tools and supplies you can depend on in any emergency. Preparedness includes car fire extinguishers and emergency kits for vehicles such as Car Safety Packs, Car Safety Kits, Accident and Breakdown Kits, Taxi Kit with Fire Extinguisher etc.


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“Really Helped My Employees Feel Safer With Updated Fire Safety In Place”

– James Witgrove


“The Premium Style Really Works Well For My VIP Chauffeur Business! Over The Moon”

– Charlie Bennet


“Wouldnt Go Anywhere Else The Service Is Just Imaculate”

– Peter Austin

“When You Are Shopping For Safety Equipment You Only Want The Best, That What Car FireExtinguisher Uk DO! Splendid”

– David Mayor